Saturday, October 27, 2012

New tree planted a week ago

 Finally got the Japanese maple I have always put in all of my collages in the center of the front yard. Just another step toward that dream. Also got a Tiger Eyes sumac there in corner by the rock garden.

Isn't she lovely?

Here's another view of the new Japanese maple. It will be 15 x 15 feet at the most. I have one more to plant but can't figure for sure where to put it and it's getting colder so I need to get a move on it!


Been busy!

I have so much I need to post... I've been pinned to Pinterest. But I'm thinking about working on the side yard some this fall. BUT I don't want to spend any money yet. So not sure how much I can do. I figure I can afford some truckloads of rock and a pagoda that's on sale if it's not gone yet. And I bought 2 Japanese maples and a tiger eyes Sumac with one of the maples left to plant this weekend. It's getting late in the year for planting and our backyard is a swamp from leveling the pool area and not having time to plant grass. I may just cover that with a bale of straw if it'll reduce the mud traffic?

So I'm going to post images of what I'd like to sorta do and a sketch.


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