Thursday, January 9, 2014

Virtual Remodeling

Since we're currently stalled with our remodeling, I did some more virtual remodeling via collage. Took me all day and not really happy with it. But it serves the purpose of trying to envision what Pat is talking about and then he can look at it and say you have it all wrong!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Can't stand it, must do something! Sugarplum to the rescue!

Since our house remodeling has slowed down to a snail's pace and I need to organize two areas desperately, I'm thinking I'm going to just do it and if they get completely changed later than this will count as a practice run. The two areas I need to address are an entryway/drop-zone/family organization center and a bedside table/knitting storage/bookshelf area. Because fixing these two issues would go a long way to a more organized house. But trust me still long way to go before then. So if there is anyone else out there that was remodeling then had to put on hold for awhile so lives without interior walls or stair railings this is for you!

Current State of Kitchen/Dining/Living Room and Entryway:

Current State of my bedside area (warning the following pictures could be disturbing):

Clearly I need help and a system and a housekeeper but who's going to hire a housekeeper when they don't even have walls?

So here's some preliminary sketches....
For the Entryway:

For my bedroom disaster:
Now I'm not going to get underbed storage at this time but I can at least work on the other area. Probably should start with how to find or make a bookshelf to put on wall next to bed. And then make or find bench for entryway. I already have Mirror with Hooks under it for other wall. Ok and I'll make some collages of how it'd look if it could be done nice and pretty including the walls and new door etc. That'll keep me busy until I have some moolah for this project. But whole idea is project needs to cost $200 or less. Preferably much less. 

Oh and this is the blog spot I saw that made me think surely I can do something in the meantime to organize a couple small areas of the house-->

Hi Sugarplum!: Updated Family Command Center with Martha Stewart's New Wall Manager

PS the giveaway is already over and I didn't participate so don't mistake me from gaining from this link! lol

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

12DaysOfHGTV and Further Work on "My" Craft Room Across the Street!

As I've told a few people, I just can't take the chaos of my house sometimes plus I thought I should spend more time with my mom. So for not really unselfish reasons I asked my mom for a room of her house. She freaked when I moved out most of the furnishings but she's coming around. So I decided to start small and cover the throw pillows on the couch. I also covered a bulletin board with burlap. Although it's just temporarily tacked on at moment I think I'm going to dress it up a bit...

But here's my progress so far. And I saw that HGTV was encouraging people to go to Joann's and buy some fabric to do some quick decorating around the holidays and it was called 12DaysOfHGTV or 12DaysofHome? Let me check again....

Actually it's both #12DaysofHGTVHOME oki doki. So keeping that in mind I bought these 4 peices of fabric at Joann's last week up in Chicago.

Aren't these beautiful? But they were kind of expensive. So I found these other fabrics that were more in line with the colors I wanted that were reduced from $9.99 to $5.99 a yard and now I can't honestly say if they're HGTV or not? So ADHD of me I got distracted by them and lost sight of the goal. But I'm happy with so there! So I made this pin for Pinterest and for their contest and for Ame who asked me to collaborate on a Sewing Projects board with her. Ame is just starting to sew.

So this is how I spent an hour or so to stay awake between 10:30 and New Years. Happy New Years everybody!

Maybe tomorrow I'll paint room and finish the bulletin board.

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