Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rock Garden Corner and 2 possible Entry Designs

So I went back to the front yard again and worked on the design of the entry from the opposite angle. I kept with the same design I did before on the house on the front all the way to the end. But then I saw another Arts and Crafts style Pergola entry that I also liked and thought hey everyone needs options. So I went back to older version of this design and put different entry way on. So everyone needs to vote on entry way designs.

I also decide our block could be more beautiful and I love fall foliage so as if this stuff all bloomed at once and during the same time as the trees are their brilliant fall color I "photoshopped" in new neighborhood trees and covered half the houses oops!

Here's the other entry design with far less of the front yard done. Oh and I added a fireplace to this design!

So please leave comments and tell me which one you like better just focusing on the entryway around the door.  Here they are again just focusing on doorway/entryway.

Entryway 1

Entryway 2

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