Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend of Work

I couldn't help but do some more work on front. My husband pointed out that the windows over the garage were the opposite of what our windows will end up size-wise. We plan to have a second full bath/laundry behind the window closest to the front door and so it'll be the smaller window. Then I worked on the roof line AGAIN. And added a second window box of flowers. Not sure I like the latter.

Version 3
 Oh and I found a picture with a better "steps" so I replaced the front steps and such. I did do a little work on a picture from the back corner of the house and tried to start my Chinese garden/dry river bed. But I need to find the picture that inspired that for a better river bed photo.

Back Corner Version 1
Hey it's a start. No way can the rocks come that far back and actually a tree would not be that close to fence on side. It would be more where the big rocks are.
Couldn't sit so long this weekend and work, perhaps this was part of what made my headaches and pain continue through out last week so I'll have to do a little at a time.... not my style but oh well.

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