Saturday, March 17, 2012

Front yard and entrance to garden

Ok back to the house project. This is what I would really,really, really, like to do next. But we'll see if I can convince him. I am sure fnishing the back fence should really be the priority first. But if we did this instead I'd have a much bigger area to plant!

This is with retaining wall made from timbers. Still used flagstone for steps. I would really like to have entire thing be stone but I'm just about certain that would be way too expensive. So I didn't spend too much time on that rendition.

I also worked on the inside a bit with the living room. Wouldn't this be great if we had walls and added this fireplace and 2 small windows.

Here it is with a massive fireplace that probably would be too much for such a little house.

So that's this last weeks ideas. Now just have to wait for money, time, and yes TIME.

Friday, March 16, 2012

More ideas for Proctor Entrance

So here's some more ideas along same vane for Proctor Entrance outside Sue's windows.

Some of this coloration will never occur together unless we get lucky. End of August? Because the big bush in background is burning bush and it's already established and it's green until fall when it turns this brilliant red. It's one of my favorite plants come September-October. Also the smaller red bush here is a purple smoke tree that would have to be kept pruned down to bush size along with the willow I'm told can be kept that way as well. That idea again came from We already have a lot of echinacea at the island between the drop off drive and parking lot so this would tie it together but I don't like too much since half the year it looks pretty straggly. Also the reddish colored Autumn Joy Sedum I think would be that color later summer but then changes to more bronze when that bush is red. Too bad we can't get all the red's together BUT we can get some red always there and that's how it should be when you're planting for a REDHEAD!!!!

Sidejob...Entrance to Proctor

Dr. Susan Cole, my mentor in residency and now my colleague, moved her office to the front of building 1 at Proctor Professional Building and has this lovely view. So I proposed to her that I would plant a garden out there for her. I'm already behind so this definitely may be a 2012 Fall planting-2013 Spring and Summer Planting project. But I made a few more collages so I thought I'd share these too!

Obviously I have many plants at different seasons of year and no leaves on trees. But I will amend that when the trees cooperate and grow some.

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