Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fearon House Collages

I started making some collages of the Fearon House for inspiration. My collages are more for inspiration they are certainly not to scale or even the right plants. They're just to get a feel for what it'd look like with more pop of color and such.

Ok here's some more. I sure like shady, woodland gardening and their house borders on a ravine so it's perfect for that.

Oh wait I had to add some purple chairs!

And last one is the back of the house!

Must stop and get some sleep!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Fearon's House

You know I how I love to design other people's home landscaping. Well this weekend, I worked on my friend's Jeanna and Peter's house. I go there weekly for art class so I look at their yard a lot. Here's how it looks on Google. Since this picture they painted the front door purple. So we already know they have great taste in colors!

And here's my first drawing:

I didn't want to overwhelm them and go to town the first year. So this is the first year plan. The following years, they could add more if they feel comfortable. I realized the other day that just like I used to think people without "lawns" were weird that many may still be there. That’s probably the popular opinion, however, well I am over that. I'd like to do away with as much as our lawn as feasible and still meet my family and dog needs. 
That's why my proposal for our house looks like the following:

Also you can see how much better the marker paper works in our house drawing. I'm using just plain graph paper and LaserJet paper on the Fearon's since I'm not in Peoria with all of my supplies. 

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