Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Ranch Makeover

I found this video from HGTV much earlier today and I was totally inspired by how they renovated this ranch. So I decided to play around in my paint program that is very rudimentary and see what our house would like if we did a similar transformation.

So this is the before of the their house. Sure looks a lot like ours even has same heinous iron railing at front steps.

Here's an even better shot of the whole house. If you took off that additional box on the right hand side you would have our house. But only our left side juts out like their house the other side, the living room on right does not. Here's a reminder of what our house looks like.

Same idea.

So here's the house after they renovated.

How awesome is that!!!! ARTS AND CRAFTS which I love. That and Prairie style. So then I thought I'd just stick their front portico on our house and see how it looked and well one thing led to another and 8 hours later this is how it looks.

I'm not sure about my landscaping now that the house has so much more pop. It seems like the landscaping is too much. And I lost our mailbox. Oh well we'll find it somewhere. Had to put the hydrant back like 3 times. I think it's pretty awesome. I wanted I thought a similar color to the doors for the cedar shake siding but I think it's better with the green. Makes the house stand out. If you look close you can see the entrance to the Chinese/Japanese garden on right. Actually it would be more of a Chinese garden I think with a dry river bed of Mexican beach rock. Japanese typically has the sand you rake. That would not be zen for me but drive me bonkers.I also couldn't fit the rock garden I planned in this shot since it's further to the right so I threw a couple rocks further up on hill to represent that element. Very hard to find retaining wall pictures to show how we'd terrace front yards maybe I'll find that next time. But wow it's time to go to bed!

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