Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Holy Cow! The Room is Still Clean!!!!



And she's kept it this way since 7/9/2012, that's 15 days so far! So exciting!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Another deck collage

Just happened upon a picture of a deck that I thought would be easy to add to the back of our house. Man we need to do this soon it looks so much better with a deck!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pool Reality

Well if you remember here's the dream ....

Another beautiful example of backyard pool and deck.

Another collage with similar ideas
And the reality of it all!

But hopefully being delivered next week a little step up...

Sometimes things just don't happen fast enough. Next year I think I'll dig it half way into the yard like my best friend's dad did when I was in grade school. Then a deck around it and whallah... not too permanent not too temporary.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sacred Spiral Herb Garden

Cheryl Koenig posted this beautiful sacred spiral herb garden and I just had to quick throw it in a collage to see if it should be in front yard.

Here's her picture and here's the collages...

Well it does just kind of sit there doesn't it. I guess it might go but have to see how the rest looks after retaining wall put in . Might be better off somewhere else entirely or forget it. I do need to put in new herb garden since we plan to put potting shed where current one is so thought this might be cute. 

Japanese Red Maple

Told Pat that couldn't do much more to front yard until we put in retaining walls, new front walk, add a portico..... But I would like to put in a Japanese Red Maple. Question is to put so it's in front of big front window or to the side. I like it to be smack in the middle because then later I will put Dwarf Alberta Spruce at front corner and the view from that to maple to humongous spruce behind it will be a great view.

I think I like the type at the top that is weeping the best. That one is crimson queen.
But that got me thinking about other types of Japanese Maples.....

If you recall I pictured it being about 12 to 15 feet max and many of these are either shorter than that or taller. I'm like the goldilocks of Japanese Maples. See here's an example of it in front yard that is off some to the Right of the house. So doesn't block our view after all.

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