Sunday, September 29, 2013

Backyard project preparing to espalier and spread out blueberry bushes

In preparation for a beautiful deck.... (oh please happen sooner than later). I dug up the potatoes and began to disassemble the boxes and trellis.

I started moving the fruit tree saplings to be about 18 inches in front of the fence posts. And repositioning the blueberry bushes to be two at most between tress. 
I also planted some spring bulbs I bought and old ones I dug up. Crocus, Allium Globemaster, and Narcissus Paperwhites and another one I never tried before Anemone?

Anyway it's this part along the back fence. I worked out there 7 hours and was so sore today. I used to work all day no problem, then I got to where 2 hours and I needed a rest. Yesterday I was a little tired but I was so sore today and that surprised me. Maybe because I have this cold or allergy thing still going on...

Wish I could make it look like this:
Not exactly I guess but you get the idea.

My prior collage!

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