Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter gardening this past weekend

Such a gloomy weekend, I could stop napping when I tried to figure out another seed purchase. 

New ideas for side yard!

So this is our current side yard. Actually it looks worse than that because we took down some of that fence and used to get the frontloader in and out and then put up an 8 foot section of old fence to keep it enclosed in the meantime. Also Pat was throwing stuff out that window as he works on inside. So it's way uglier there now.

The red in this picture is soooooooooooo deep and lush and oooooooh la la. Wow. I'd like to look at that all day long.
Hopefully the new tree in front yard will look like this as it grows. I definitely want to keep the multi-trunk look on the bottom.
This is exactly the size and look I was thinking along that side yard. Without the big trees. Imagine this with Japanese maples where these large tree trunks are. And actually a little wider space.
I would love to have room for an area like this as well to be my serenity place for doing yoga when weather alows. Some water  dripping into a bowl from a bamboo pipe and such.

The cherry tree (I think that's what it is) also such a beautiful combination

And all that went together to form this-->

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh another perfect happy place.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coming Along

OK Angel I need some feedback when you sit on deck what do you want to look at?

How about this?

Angel's Backyard progress

I added an herb garden, firepit with stonework, cotinus obavatus (purple smoke tree), and worked on expanding deck. Can't find a right sized pergola so may have to leave as is. BUT so cool so far!

Talked with Angel today and she mentioned wanting a patio block area and firepit. So hopefully she'll give me some feedback on the spacing or location here soon (hint hint).

Monday, December 10, 2012

Another Collage.... this time for Angel's Backyard

Angel asked me awhile ago to do her backyard as collage. At the time I was having collager's block. But can't sleep tonight so maybe something will come to me.

Started by merging two pictures to have full back of house and width of backyard in one picture. Now if only I could remember what her thoughts were about deck?

So here's some deck options. They are still fairly roughed in but you get the idea.

Obvioiusly the pergola needs work or just one at least on the latter.

Storage Ottoman

I'm a little nervous about jumping right into the Island project so I think I will ask for him to make storage Ottoman first.  Found great plans through  this old house via pinterest.


It drives me crazy how I have to go from page to page to follow all the steps and they don't have a nice downloadable PDF with all the instructions. So I always end up copying and pasting them myself into one nice file. 
Or maybe I'll buy one on clearance now at Target? Not sure. I'm a little busy right now for a project such as this.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back in Business... First Project! Kitchen Island

So this is where the design idea left off. Now I've been told to start working on ideas for the Island. Actually he said make the drawings. huh.... Make the drawings? Oki Doki! So I really like the look of the above. Originally I toyed with the island being a different color, 2 tiered, etc. but I think I'd like it more simple. Now the above island is probably bigger than possible. We figured a 48" by 72" was the max (countertop) and smaller footprint. And the seating probably on living room side.

I wonder if he ever saw the floorplans where I rotated it? I also tried to put in dinette. Not really what I pictured so would have to play with it.

Original Plan with Island as Discussed and Dinette

So here I did an addition again. I keep going back to an addition because it's so hard to have the layout otherwise include all the componets we discussed without stuff on top of each other. But I also then totally moved the back wall of kitchen forward a few feet which would be bad idea because of all the plumbing there. And didn't even put bathroom stuff back in place. BUT I added a portico which I still insist is a MUST (I am alone on that one I think). It also enables us to put a real fireplace in with the lovely stonework on the outside that would really add to the look of the house.
Plan with addition to swap LR and DR. Turned Island and Added wall of cabinets
 Here's the 3d rendering mostly to get a feel for the kitchen. See all the bookcases we both talked about. That's why I added another room so it would still feel open otherwise it might feel like a very small room in a library.

Ok I fixed the floating bathroom fixtures and a few other issues: Still can't get stairways to not being up in air. Apparently you can't do a negative elevation. Here's the 3D:

Friday, November 23, 2012

Melody's Ranch Makeover

I found someone with very similar front yard issues to mine on Fine Gardening asking for help. So thought what the heck a new collage!


 So I used some of the pictures I have of beautiful conifers around steps to redo her entry and front yard.


So I hope she likes it! Of course if I had to name all those plants it'd be tough. Basically there are 2 Dwarf Alberta Spruce, 2 Dwarf someother kind of Spruce (sorry I'm thinking Norway), lot of false cypress the weeping gold kind, low growing juniper, phlox, and the airy plant in the back that's yellow I'm thinking is goldenspire.   OK I need to hone down these plants if Melody sees this!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Terrarium Class

I was "leaf"ing through the Chicago Botanical Garden's catalog of adult education and thought oooh terrariums. Later I mentioned to Pat about wanting to take some classes there which he was supportive of until I mentioned the terrarium class. Then he said sounds like clutter. Don't you love it when your hubbie pronouncing something you've put a lot of thought into so quickly as something to dismiss.

So for him I named this collage....
So you don't think you like terrariums!

So I visualized my vertical garden of succulents in the condo window in delicate glass bubbles and galvanized steel gutters! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH boy!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A new collage for the Condo

I feel pretty dumb that I lost my cell phone today. So I thought I'd work on a collage for the condo to feel better. Luckily I took the pictures of the condo right before we went to the Planetarium and I uploaded them using Google+ so I didn't lose them. And I also sent this cool photo of a horse sculpture outside the aquarium to facebook too. So at least I didn't lose any pics.

We discussed putting a Murphy's bed in the condo bedroom and making it more like another room with places to do multiple things since Pat tends to take over the living room TV and I rarely want to watch what he does. I don't know if he has seen these Murphy beds from the Bedder Way. They take it a step further and include a workstation! I'm thinking this may be my only way to have a craft station! Sorry everyone going to Chicago, need to make some things.

And then I found this one on my computer that I didn't even remember doing. So I found something today. I lost something today. Happens.

This one was to try and see what it would like to open up the kitchen and have an peninsula. I doubt it would come over that far but did it so some of it would get in the picture. 

And here's the horse....crap looks like it didn't make it to fb. Oh well. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

New tree planted a week ago

 Finally got the Japanese maple I have always put in all of my collages in the center of the front yard. Just another step toward that dream. Also got a Tiger Eyes sumac there in corner by the rock garden.

Isn't she lovely?

Here's another view of the new Japanese maple. It will be 15 x 15 feet at the most. I have one more to plant but can't figure for sure where to put it and it's getting colder so I need to get a move on it!


Been busy!

I have so much I need to post... I've been pinned to Pinterest. But I'm thinking about working on the side yard some this fall. BUT I don't want to spend any money yet. So not sure how much I can do. I figure I can afford some truckloads of rock and a pagoda that's on sale if it's not gone yet. And I bought 2 Japanese maples and a tiger eyes Sumac with one of the maples left to plant this weekend. It's getting late in the year for planting and our backyard is a swamp from leveling the pool area and not having time to plant grass. I may just cover that with a bale of straw if it'll reduce the mud traffic?

So I'm going to post images of what I'd like to sorta do and a sketch.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

From Modern Parents and Messy Kids Blog

Don't be suckered like me. This is a cruel dream but still everyone needs goals. The ADHD in me would get 2/3's done (maybe) and be too bored with the rest. But anyway here's what she wrote....

I've been trying to figure out how to write this without sounding ridiculous. What I want to say is this: I finally did it you guys, I completely and totally organized my life! It took a lot of hard work and a lot of late nights but I now have a plan, routine, or system for everything.
  • I've compiled and categorized enough healthy, inexpensive and easy recipes that I have a 90 day dinner menu (complete with theme nights like pasta Monday and slow-coooker Thursday) and I have the grocery lists to match.
  • There is nothing in my house that we don't use. I've ferociously weeded out the clutter and sent it packing via Craig's List or Goodwill.
  • Everything I didn't get rid of is now beautifully organized into colorfully labeled containers. If you're ever visiting and you need something, just ask me - I totally know where it all is.
  • I now have a weekly schedule with time carved out for blogging, housework, play dates, park time, library time, and other activities we've been wanting to try but never got around to.
  • For those days we stay home, we've got a dependable routine that the kids can rely on. It includes stuff like art time, outside time, story time and bath time.
  • Remember when I told you C isn't really down with napping anymore and I was worried about ever getting anything done again? I completely solved that problem by putting together some genius quiet time kits (one for each day of the week so he doesn't get bored). They're crammed with busy bags, DIY audio books, and learning activities he can do independently.
  • I finally got our budget down to a science using a combination of the cash envelope system and We're saving tons! (and while I was at it I updated our wills, life insurance, and retirement planning).
  • Thanks to evernote and some other handy apps, I will never again miss an appointment or birthday. (If something does somehow sneak by me, I have a birthday closet with pre-bought gifts and cards - thanks to the new budget and organization I now have the space and money for it.)
  • I also joined a gym and started exercising regularly (part of the new weekly schedule). The kids love playing at the drop off center while I'm burning calories.
  • I went through all 2,000 of my digital photos, edited them, imported them to yearly photobooks and backed them all up online. I've also caught up on my personal blog and am regularly contributing to it.
  • Last but not least, the hubs and I have a set-in-stone date night that we never miss and we've recently instituted family game night.
Seriously, it's been a long time coming but today I stood in the middle of my living room, looked around the house and admired what I've accomplished with a huge goofy grin on my face.

And then I woke up. DAMN. IT.

Sounds good though, doesn't it? I should probably get on that.

Isn't that cruel!!!! BUT she is really trying to achieve this so hey maybe we can live the dream!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Holy Cow! The Room is Still Clean!!!!



And she's kept it this way since 7/9/2012, that's 15 days so far! So exciting!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Another deck collage

Just happened upon a picture of a deck that I thought would be easy to add to the back of our house. Man we need to do this soon it looks so much better with a deck!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pool Reality

Well if you remember here's the dream ....

Another beautiful example of backyard pool and deck.

Another collage with similar ideas
And the reality of it all!

But hopefully being delivered next week a little step up...

Sometimes things just don't happen fast enough. Next year I think I'll dig it half way into the yard like my best friend's dad did when I was in grade school. Then a deck around it and whallah... not too permanent not too temporary.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sacred Spiral Herb Garden

Cheryl Koenig posted this beautiful sacred spiral herb garden and I just had to quick throw it in a collage to see if it should be in front yard.

Here's her picture and here's the collages...

Well it does just kind of sit there doesn't it. I guess it might go but have to see how the rest looks after retaining wall put in . Might be better off somewhere else entirely or forget it. I do need to put in new herb garden since we plan to put potting shed where current one is so thought this might be cute. 

Japanese Red Maple

Told Pat that couldn't do much more to front yard until we put in retaining walls, new front walk, add a portico..... But I would like to put in a Japanese Red Maple. Question is to put so it's in front of big front window or to the side. I like it to be smack in the middle because then later I will put Dwarf Alberta Spruce at front corner and the view from that to maple to humongous spruce behind it will be a great view.

I think I like the type at the top that is weeping the best. That one is crimson queen.
But that got me thinking about other types of Japanese Maples.....

If you recall I pictured it being about 12 to 15 feet max and many of these are either shorter than that or taller. I'm like the goldilocks of Japanese Maples. See here's an example of it in front yard that is off some to the Right of the house. So doesn't block our view after all.

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