Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back in Business... First Project! Kitchen Island

So this is where the design idea left off. Now I've been told to start working on ideas for the Island. Actually he said make the drawings. huh.... Make the drawings? Oki Doki! So I really like the look of the above. Originally I toyed with the island being a different color, 2 tiered, etc. but I think I'd like it more simple. Now the above island is probably bigger than possible. We figured a 48" by 72" was the max (countertop) and smaller footprint. And the seating probably on living room side.

I wonder if he ever saw the floorplans where I rotated it? I also tried to put in dinette. Not really what I pictured so would have to play with it.

Original Plan with Island as Discussed and Dinette

So here I did an addition again. I keep going back to an addition because it's so hard to have the layout otherwise include all the componets we discussed without stuff on top of each other. But I also then totally moved the back wall of kitchen forward a few feet which would be bad idea because of all the plumbing there. And didn't even put bathroom stuff back in place. BUT I added a portico which I still insist is a MUST (I am alone on that one I think). It also enables us to put a real fireplace in with the lovely stonework on the outside that would really add to the look of the house.
Plan with addition to swap LR and DR. Turned Island and Added wall of cabinets
 Here's the 3d rendering mostly to get a feel for the kitchen. See all the bookcases we both talked about. That's why I added another room so it would still feel open otherwise it might feel like a very small room in a library.

Ok I fixed the floating bathroom fixtures and a few other issues: Still can't get stairways to not being up in air. Apparently you can't do a negative elevation. Here's the 3D:

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