Sunday, November 11, 2012

A new collage for the Condo

I feel pretty dumb that I lost my cell phone today. So I thought I'd work on a collage for the condo to feel better. Luckily I took the pictures of the condo right before we went to the Planetarium and I uploaded them using Google+ so I didn't lose them. And I also sent this cool photo of a horse sculpture outside the aquarium to facebook too. So at least I didn't lose any pics.

We discussed putting a Murphy's bed in the condo bedroom and making it more like another room with places to do multiple things since Pat tends to take over the living room TV and I rarely want to watch what he does. I don't know if he has seen these Murphy beds from the Bedder Way. They take it a step further and include a workstation! I'm thinking this may be my only way to have a craft station! Sorry everyone going to Chicago, need to make some things.

And then I found this one on my computer that I didn't even remember doing. So I found something today. I lost something today. Happens.

This one was to try and see what it would like to open up the kitchen and have an peninsula. I doubt it would come over that far but did it so some of it would get in the picture. 

And here's the horse....crap looks like it didn't make it to fb. Oh well. 

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