Saturday, March 21, 2015

Peoria House: Houzz looks for Living Room

I also need to collect pictures from Houzz and Pinterest and start putting together a scrapbook of ideas before Pat takes off and makes changes that aren't in the right direction. (Although, I want to give him direction, I must admit he often has ideas that work better but anyway.)

Peoria Living Room
Note the desk, hopefully with pull out table so I can craft?

Window seats I love them!

I like the stone around the fireplace. Pat won't! Which is a bummer since I'd like the stonework also to be outside instead of the brick.

Another window seat and I think the shelving on inside good idea.

Here's a window seat that's even deeper, probably too much so for our small living room.

I love these. Pat not so much.

This will be one of the colors in our living room, dining, room, and kitchen.

These would be great chairs to flank the fireplace.

Couch with pillows and chairs.

It's be a great picture to tie in with our own Japanese Maple in front yard. But wouldn't go with my intended color scheme.

If we did this we'd have bookshelves on 3 sides, probably too much. BUT we have a lot of books!

Like this wall color as well. And the trees!!!!! 

The original window I wanted but we couldn't afford at time and would require construction.

Love the colors, but can't do white furniture with dogs, kids, me...

Another great picture for the living room

One possible arrangement for big wall plus others

Or the nautical and the plants?
Remember the composition for the living room?

Yeah not sure it'll all fit. 
Cool drawing eh? Mine not as good as this but...

This is a drawing of the wall unit starting in the dining room. Either I didn't draw the living room or I don't have a picture of it. Hmmmm. Have to look for it but actually think I didn't draw it yet. So may as well move to dining room next. 

Pool Deck

I just realized I never posted the pool deck when it was done! How embarrassing. OK if you remember this was the "collage" of how I thought it might look.

And here's how it turned out!
The deck looks great too bad the water is dark green!

After we drained it and I cleaned it. That scrubbing lead to right sided back pain for months by the way.
Pretty darn clean!

So I look forward to replanting around the pool and showing a picture with clean water this coming spring/summer!!!! Hoping for a long hot summer.

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