Thursday, December 20, 2012

New ideas for side yard!

So this is our current side yard. Actually it looks worse than that because we took down some of that fence and used to get the frontloader in and out and then put up an 8 foot section of old fence to keep it enclosed in the meantime. Also Pat was throwing stuff out that window as he works on inside. So it's way uglier there now.

The red in this picture is soooooooooooo deep and lush and oooooooh la la. Wow. I'd like to look at that all day long.
Hopefully the new tree in front yard will look like this as it grows. I definitely want to keep the multi-trunk look on the bottom.
This is exactly the size and look I was thinking along that side yard. Without the big trees. Imagine this with Japanese maples where these large tree trunks are. And actually a little wider space.
I would love to have room for an area like this as well to be my serenity place for doing yoga when weather alows. Some water  dripping into a bowl from a bamboo pipe and such.

The cherry tree (I think that's what it is) also such a beautiful combination

And all that went together to form this-->

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh another perfect happy place.

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