Saturday, March 17, 2012

Front yard and entrance to garden

Ok back to the house project. This is what I would really,really, really, like to do next. But we'll see if I can convince him. I am sure fnishing the back fence should really be the priority first. But if we did this instead I'd have a much bigger area to plant!

This is with retaining wall made from timbers. Still used flagstone for steps. I would really like to have entire thing be stone but I'm just about certain that would be way too expensive. So I didn't spend too much time on that rendition.

I also worked on the inside a bit with the living room. Wouldn't this be great if we had walls and added this fireplace and 2 small windows.

Here it is with a massive fireplace that probably would be too much for such a little house.

So that's this last weeks ideas. Now just have to wait for money, time, and yes TIME.

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