Monday, April 2, 2012

Another view from street

 This wasn't really a whole new collage. I just took a picture that was taken with regular camera instead of GoPro and then pasted the Arts and Crafts version of the house onto it. So unlike most of these which take 20 hours this took 20 minutes. Notice it's got old roof on it. But this one is spacially more correct unlike the GoPro pics which are fish eye like.

I'm just itching bad to hack down the bushes in front of door and start using one of those mini jack hammers to the front entry. Of course after destroying it I would have no clue how to proceed. So I guess I have to leave it alone until we have plan for what to do after to get to this? I mean really how hard can it be? Just need to build some forms, pour some concrete then cover with mortar and flagstone or reasonable facsimile. And whallah! New entry. Oh wait forgot also have to build out the portico. Hmmm going to have to start asking around about that one.
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