Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Potting Shed

 Showed Pat the plans I bought (twice I bought 2 books and discovered both had same plan in them) for this potting shed and he said, "No problem!" or something like that. Actually in order to put this in garden will have to sacrifice the her garden or at least reconfigure. Would also turn so windows were completely facing sun's summer path so you would not see sides from this angle and entry would be from yard and/or garden. So 2 doors instead? Or just from garden would work too. Compost bins would also move to back fence behind shed. And area below windows would add cold frames.

They have similar kit called Solar Shed at Home Depot but the man that doesn't buy fence panels but puts together peice by peice isn't likely to go for kit.

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So can you tell difference. See the one in the Black and Decker book si bigger with windows coming much further down! So much better!

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