Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oh how I miss my tablet, snif snif

My "tablet" is not the lightweight cute little iPad like things they have now. It was however, one of the first touch screens and stylus laptops. I guess. Anyway... it wasn't all that great for doing the electronic medical record but wow it's fantastic for making photo collages. Well, Rylie's leap frog handheld (Grandma bought and I never liked it) messed up my tablet! So this weekend I am doing this sans stylus and wow is my wrist burning. Mouse just not as good at outlining no surprise.

Pat is setting up his wood shop so we can get back to work on fence, tables for shop, desk for himself, multitudes of shelving.... fix my raised beds... potting shed. The list is LONG! He moved my stuff from one side of garage to the other. Had I known he was going to do this I would have like to have input on what he piled my stuff on but he wouldn't have time to make now anyway so I'll wait for shed or try and talk him into a "remodel" later.

So I used many of Martha Stewarts pictures on organizing spaces to plan how to organize this space. And I also added in some goodies. Like the green machine garden style!

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