Friday, March 22, 2013

New Collage for Ame and Derek's House

I've been talking about helping Ame start a garden for awhile. So I looked up her house on Google and wow the tree weeds have taken over. Have no fear they keep trying to invade us as well. So here's a before and after and bird's eye view from Google map.

The funny thing is when you put in her address it shows the funniest picture as front of her house.

Here's what Google says front looks like. 

Um Ame where's the house?  The little Google car must have missed it.or took the picture a little too far past the driveway. Here's the bird's eye view.

 My first thoughts.Turns out yard big if we can remove a whole lot of tree weeds. I call them that because they sprout up everywhere and they ugly and very fast growing.

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