Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hard work but better than a spade

As Mike LaFollett said yesterday. 

Finally almost there. Then...
1. Filling the bottom with sand is the plan. Wonder if I could talk him into softkrete might be easier? Not sure.
2. Building retaining wall around edges. Wood vs Concrete?
3. Setting up the pool and cleaning if dirty.
4. Filling the pool.
5. THEN THE STEP I've been ready for since last year. ADD a gallon of chlorine. Yes it's the only way to have pool immediately swimable. And heck I may add it when it's just half full and then add the 40 lbs. of salt to get it up to 3000 ppm. and start testing!
6. Finish filling.
7. Um need to get a new ladder but heck we may use rope if we have to!
8. Blow up all the inflatables.
9. JUMP IN!!!!
10. Start constructing deck. Go back to step 9 and continue to work on #10 and other chores but repeat 9 often!

Can you tell I can hardly wait. It would be the perfect break from working outside. For now I'm going to have to take my break napping inside to the sounds of the skid loader.

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