Friday, February 28, 2014

New Collage With Mudroom/Entryway Addition

I dream some day of a mudroom. If you live in a split-level you feel my pain. That's the pain of a very small entryway that immediately says you have to make a choice up or down. One solution would be to add additional space on the front of that entry and make room for a small mudroom in the entry.

So tonight that's the theme:
I have all of this extra room around the edge because this is also my first collage done in photoshop instead of paint. Pat's been telling me forever I should switch to photoshop so I did. I still have long way to go to get comfortable.

Inside would be something like this...


Or this on each side?

You get the idea. You would enter and immediately know this house is super organized. That's what I want my entry to say. Not like it does now. Now it says "Danger, Danger, Will Roberts!" But instead let's see some more happy, organized entryways!

This last picture is just what I'd like to do to the big wall that is on your left when you come in. It spans from the steps up from basement to the ceiling. Then I'd hang our PortraitLife pictures from our engagement session and the one in my office of Rylie on that wall. 

Can't you just imagine how great these pictures would look up on that wall. Me too!!!!

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