Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sometimes people like husband's just needed a little push (shove)

I photocopied this article from Fine Woodworking on how to set up your shop. I put it on his desk months ago.  This was before the last time he supposedly reorganized the shop in the garage the second or third time. Bit he didn't even read it much less cut out the templates to arrange all the tools and machinery in a well thought out way.  Nope.
So I kept this article and printed another copy of the page with the templates.  Then when he was in Chicago, I purchased magnets with one side adhesive in 5 X 7 and 4 X 6 size.  And I made tool magnets. The I measured the garage twice.  I measured the duct work and pipes and doors and garage door rails and the size of the lawnmower and snowblower!  I even measured our 6 bikes. Wait no 8 bikes.  9 bikes? Hmm may have missed a bike or two.  I have 5 but one up in condo.  Pat has 3 but Ian has one. Rylie had two well 3 but one too small and 2 of those across street. So how many here?  7 actually.
So these pictures include my original layout. To which he proclaimed nice try bit won't work.  So I said fine show me what will these are magnets you can move them around.  Oh? Wow? He then came up with the layout in the top picture. 

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