Saturday, December 6, 2014

Condo: Houzz Meets Reality?

Just really like this picture/painting/photograph, whatever it is.

Thought I'd take some of my favorites from and start thinking about what would possibly work in our home remodel or condo. Yes nothing we own is done. It all needs the gut and remodel. Good thing I am patient and love recycling.

Condo in Chicago 

Picture from before the red phase...

And I'm not even showing a picture of the hideous bathroom.... just picture small, sliding glass doors, little bitty ugly gray tile.
Condo Kitchen Ideas

I love this layout, color, everything but would like a bigger sink. Plus instead of the upper cabinets on the right we want it open to the living room like the next picture.
This is the perfect layout, just like materials better in first picture. 
Condo Living Room
This Ikea showroom has both dining room and living room together as we need.

Yeah I've realized many times we painted wrong wall red. Wall behind sofa should be red. 
Artwork I'd love to hang over couch or in bedroom:

By the way these are other units in the building.

I hope this unit is narrower than our main room, sure looks like it.

Condo Bathroom

What about not only opening kitchen to living room, but opening bedroom to bathroom?

I really like it but it would shock people when they sit on toilet and look up and I wave from bed!!!! hahahaha

But imagine it flipped so bed on wall next to windows and desk/shelving unit long wall. 

Entryway Lighting

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