Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hmmm can we move the filter and saltwater system?

Can't find the answer to whether or not the filter pump has to be below water or skimmer level. And if the hoses could be replaced with longer ones.We really could have planned better BUT the weather this spring was terrible so it got off to a late start. So in an effort to swim at least some of the summer we put the pool up before we dug all of our deck post holes. And before we really thought out all of the details for the placement of the filter and saltwater system.
Not a lot of room there and certainly need to make it easier to get to the controls once the deck is in place. 
Who could wait to enjoy it! At least this year it was up before August.
Last year it was on back order and by the time we got it and put it up was August 5th. 
So I'll keep looking for answer. Best place I found for answers so far it trouble free pool website.

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