Saturday, October 5, 2013

I found someone MUCH MUCH CRAZIER than me and I love her!!!!

You have to check out this woman's blog and crazy destiny to own all of these gilded Victorian mirrors and put them around her Victorian house. And what is better than that? Her husband sounds like he is my husband's twin with more money. If we had more money my husband would be doing like her husband. Working 24/7 on the house. But he has to split his time between many remodeling projects... remodeling my practice has always been first, then the house and then the yard. If it were up to me it would have gone in the opposite order BUT then we would have run out of money immediately. So that's why we still have studs and exposed installation for our upstairs walls in half the house.

I found her through another site called Hooked on Houses. Where I was reading about much of the reality of HGTV. I read about how much of it isn't as it appears while watching Love it or List it too on TV. Despite the tips to make me see through the show I still enjoyed it and soon forgot them. So I can still enjoy the show. I mean if you're really watching for the dialog and suspense of what they'll decide to do then I wouldn't read her blog. But like her I watch for the houses. I want to see as many houses as possible and see what the designers do with their renovations and the "story" is secondary. So who cares!

So anyway just one of those mirrors would probably crush half my house. But I enjoy her spirit and the fact that her husband and her have reached an agreement of sorts. I like to think we're getting comfortable with each other in that same way and will come to a similar understanding.

The Kingdom Mirror

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