Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Collage of Craft Room

So last night I looked through for pictures to inspire the new space. And I made this "mood board" or idea board.

Then today after seeing my hospital patients, I moved a desk, couple bulletin boards, deep freeze and 10 foot length of shelving out of the office. Came home and Pat and Joe were taking a break from working on his room to allow stuff to dry* (more on that later). So I got them to move the huge broken console TV out to the curb. Moved the couch over to the other wall and then things went downhill. Apparently when I asked my mom for a room she didn't exactly know what that meant. She was fine when I moved out stuff we discussed was garbage. But then when I wanted to move her file cabinets to another part of the house she had a fit. So they went in Rylie's room. Proving once again that s#$@ really does roll down hill. Meanwhile I went through every closet, every box in the garage and threw out tons of Dad's figuring. He liked to sit and "figure" for hours on end. Now that I have seen what he was figuring all those years. I'm a little nervous. He apparently went over and over every dollar he ever earned, ever paid and ever leant. And then he did it again. And again. I mean to the nth degree. WOW!!!! I always said he wasn't any fancy crazy, just plain crazy.

I also found his dog tags which are pretty cool so I'm wearing them. I found his little black book and yes I threw it away. Found more genealogy stuff that is probably in the collection I already have but I set it aside to be sure. Found boxes and boxes of mouse eaten papers and even a box of blank paper. More boxes of nuts and bolts and 2 slide rules. I EVEN FOUND THE PEDAL TO THE SERGER I APPARENTLY NO LONGER HAVE. BUT NO not the cord and pedal to the sewing machine I do have. How does that happen? I am thinking that those stupid people I lived with gave away my serger and the wrong pedal. That figures. Here I looked in the storage unit, the attic, every closet in both houses, both garages...even the office and now I vaguely remember those idiots giving it away. Oh well rather be without a pedal then have them back around. So I hope I get one on ebay. Or I can buy one for $80 or more.

Back to the collage and our misunderstanding. So I had to explain that I can't set up a craft room with filing cabinets, coffee table and end tables in the room. All I was keeping was the couch for now and it happens to be my couch anyway. I moved a whole bunch of furniture into their house when I moved in and now that I moved out everytime I try and claim a peice of furniture she doesn't want to part with it. She has my entryway console table, a double bed of cherry wood, double mattress, sofa bed and hope chest. So she eventually decided I guess to let me proceed or at least stopped complaining. So here's my plan. It's pretty rough but you get the idea.

Needs work but you get the idea.

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