Thursday, January 31, 2013

Still trying to find the right look for new front entry

This was the first attempt at a walk that is straight from curb to door. But just didn't look right and besides we still need one from drive.

So I tried a different entrance that had steps descending towards drive and terrace off to the other direction which would be nice. Then I went with edibles for landscaping. There was even steps down to driveway but hard to see due to Spruce at front corner.

So here's another try with retaining wall detail but doesn't look right. 
 This one shows how steps might look closer up.The steps obviously came from a photo of a house at night so that's why they're black. The color is obviously weird but the steps look right proportionately.
Ok this is taking a couple pictures and merging into one to give a detailed perspective of the two steep sides of the driveway and how two walks could be added. Or new steps and entry by house and then walk to street. 

Sleep who needs it? ME I NEED IT!!!! So off to bed I go!

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