Tuesday, January 29, 2013

OK time to get serious about designing this kitchen island and cabinetry.

Ok this is about the size island I am going with. Maybe it's a little bigger. Basically it'll be 4' x 6'. And not a range necessarily on top? Although, Pat did mention something about  a range the other day. But for sure a sink. A sink I already bought. That's all I am sure of now is the sink.
I bought this sink. Now the rest of the kitchen.

I am leaning toward darker wood and lighter top. And I like this island here a lot.

Before I was thinking green base. But, I am shying away from the green.
 I do like this finish, color, wood style and everything. Not quite so dark and would go well with my sink. Again the sink.....And then I like the idea of instead of a formal dining table, a banquet kitchen table.

But alas the sink....
Here are more sinks and I'll need one or under the window as the "main sink".  So I love the look of the copper sinks in the granite that is white with brown or gray or lighter colors in it. The first picture also shows how nice the copper would go with a reddish brown wood and that granite.
 Don't you love these sinks?

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