Friday, February 22, 2013

Kitchen, Dining Room, Bathroom, Bedroom Remodel Plans

Not sure how easy it will be to see these drawings. But last weekend while Pat worked on kitchen remodel I drew these up. Then we went over them and would measure, erase, and try again. I finally made the major appliances and the kitchen island out of post-its so I wouldn't have to keep erasing and redrawing as we ran into obstacles. Many of which were just miscommunication. So hopefully we're on the same page now. Like I assumed if putting dishwasher next to sink it'd be right next to it. For some reason he assumed a gap. Since he was installing the drain for it that meant we had to agree obviously. Luckily it worked out right next to the sink because I don't need any more gaps. I need all the big drawers I can get.

Island in the left corner, dining room table to the right. Bench seating as part of the built-ins on that wall.

Dining room schematic for built-ins. Includes desk for me on left. Bench seating in the center. Glass mullion doors for finer dishes.

Master Bathroom. Separate whirlpool tub and shower. Jack and Jill sinks.
Master Bedroom. Built-ins around head of bed and along East wall making up Walldrobe instead of reach in closet.

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