Sunday, February 10, 2013

Picking out windows

 Pat told me to pick out a window for over the sink. And I think I still want one of those garden windows. Hey may wish he hadn't given me a choice again.

It would hang out quite a bit over the deck? This one is bigger  than the one above I think. Definitely needs to have the glass shelf in there as well.

And then I am supposed to also look at sliding whoa did he say sliding? I am sure he meant FRENCH doors. And I'd prefer they have the same Prairie "Stiles" Style or is it Prairie Style "Stiles". 
From Dining Room and another set from Bedroom.

From Basement to Patio below deck and to backyard.

And while I was trying to navigate my families' (Uncle Howard and cousin David Garrison) webpage, because we'll order these from them if we can? Not sure how the windows would get from OH to IL? But this was the perfect new front door!!!! Then we could put our current front door in the back? The back door is even more heinous.
Love it! Would prefer a darker wood, cinnamon like the future wood floor. Also need new garage doors and would like those to be wood as well. Designed a couple different ones on Home Depot the other day. You don't suppose he would go for accordion doors down in basement and then you could open all of them on a particularly fine day and be in and out at same time.

Accordion Doors to really join the inside and out!
 OK there will need to be compromise.

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